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  • Grow your desired business to new heights
  • Strengthen your self-confidence
  • Achieve clarity and momentum

With Lina’s business coaching packages.

I help ambitious women increase their earnings effortlessly, avoiding overwork and burnout, by maintaining balance among their responsibilities and leveraging their innate rhythm. This approach includes elevating their business vision, boosting self-confidence, and gaining clarity and direction to streamline their path to success.

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No matter your current position, a common goal is to shift focus from day-to-day operations to strategic growth, enhancing both your financial and personal freedom.

Imagine unlocking your utmost potential overnight; think about the immediate transformations you’d apply to both your business and personal life.

Envision scaling your venture or simply enjoying more leisure time with loved ones. I’m here to guide you past the barriers holding you back, helping you act on your ambitions and live your ideal life.

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What's preventing your progress?

If these challenges resonate with you, partnering with a business coach might just be the key to revitalizing your journey and propelling you forward. Discover how my coaching services can sharpen your competitive edge or schedule a discovery call for a personalized conversation to collaboratively craft a strategy tailored to your business aspirations.

A journey to a fulfilling life
starts with taking action.

Would you like to discover what 7 simple steps you could take in the next 20 minutes to positively impact your future?

Kind Words

It was greatest investment! Lina has the ability to see missing parts in business. I love her knowledge in her field. Highly recommend it


The Best investment to my business and myself!!! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my journey with Lina. Most professional, selfless coach, that I ever known. Gave me priceless live and business lessons.
I’m forever grateful 🙏


Every business owner shoulf book biz MOT! I honestly did not expect so much value from just one session. I now have a plan and strategy for another 6 months. Highly recommended! Thank you Lina!


One group coaching session with Lina has helped me to focus on my goal and achieve it in less than I’ve planned to achieve it. The session has helped me to find my whys and plan right actions straight after session, which eventually transformed my life.


I would highly recommend Coach Lina for small business owners who are lost in business numbers. Her guidance and expertise in bookkeeping and VAT returns have been invaluable, and her patient coaching style is a perfect fit for those seeking clarity in financial matters. She helped me a lot, and now I can see where my business is at and what needs to be done. Thank you Lina!


Lina helped me with opening my own business. Gave me some tips how better to approach in different situations. Lina is very knowledgeable person with a lot of experience in finance. Really recommend if you don’t know where to start or you need just consultation.


How can a business coach in London help you?

Forget feeling stuck! Business coaching isn’t just about throwing new ideas and goals at you (though it can do that!).

It’s like having a personal mentor in your corner, cheering you on and helping you unlock your true potential. Here’s how:

1. Shine a light on your blind spots: We all have them – those hidden things that trip us up without us even realizing it. Coaching helps you identify these gaps and understand how they might be holding you back, so you can finally clear the path to success.

2. Forget about the “I can’t” mindset: Negative beliefs can be powerful chains, but don’t worry, I am here to help you shake these beliefs! Through supportive guidance and open conversation, you’ll overcome self-doubt and rediscover the confidence you deserve.

3. Get unstuck and take action: Feeling paralysed by indecision? Coaching helps you break free by developing a concrete action plan. Think of it as a GPS for your goals, guiding you step-by-step towards achievement.

4. Lead like a leader (and inspire others): Want to motivate your team? Coaching equips you with the tools to become a more effective leader, someone who inspires confidence and fosters a thriving work environment.

6. Boost your business, boost your bank account: It’s no secret that skilled leaders build successful businesses. By honing your business acumen through coaching, you’ll not only improve operations and efficiency but also see a positive impact on your bottom line.

So, are you ready to unlock your potential and achieve your business dreams? Consider coaching as your secret weapon – it’s an investment in yourself and your future!

Looking for a Business Mentoring ?


As a business coach, I stand as an expert committed to helping individuals or teams enhance their performance, achieve their goals more efficiently, effectively, or with greater satisfaction, and improve their overall effectiveness. In the realm of business guidance, coaches, mentors, and consultants hold distinct positions, sharing certain similarities in their functions, yet it’s not uncommon for one to move between these different roles. Here are the key differences between business coaches, mentors, and consultants:

Regarding the relationship and approach to problem-solving, as a coach, I engage in a collaborative and non-directive way, assisting clients to navigate their objectives, challenges, and potential solutions. By asking questions, challenging assumptions, and encouraging self-discovery and empowerment, I help clients to come up with their own solutions.

In terms of scope, I deal with a wide range of personal and professional development areas, including cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, business strategy and direction, leadership skills, communication, branding, and overall performance improvement.

Certainly, a skilled business coach can accelerate your progress towards your goals, improving efficiency and simplicity in the process.

They will help you to avoid hurdles and unnecessary detours, fostering wider ambitions than you might imagine on your own.

Some people assess “value” in terms of direct financial gains. If this matters to you, please organise a chat with me directly, so I can assess your current situation and identify the steps required to reach your objectives.

The cost of business coaching can vary widely, influenced by factors such as the coach’s level of experience, their area of expertise, and the particular services offered.

Fees for business coaching might range from a few hundred quid per session to several thousand for a comprehensive package or sequence of sessions, depending on the coach’s renown, their proven success, their perspective, and the demand for their expertise.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that investing in business coaching is an investment in both your professional and personal development, with the expected return on investment being lifelong and profoundly impactful in enhancing performance, leadership skills, and business outcomes.

When it comes to the tax deductibility of business coaching expenses, tax laws and regulations vary from country to country, and even region to region.

Expenditures incurred in the pursuit of maintaining or improving professional skills are typically tax-deductible.

However, it’s vital to consult with a tax advisor or accountant who is knowledgeable about the specific tax laws of your locality to determine eligibility and understand any limitations.

The frequency varies depending on the client, the nature of their enterprise, and how efficiently they implement the actions agreed upon in our preceding consultation. Initially, many clients prefer to convene on a weekly basis as there’s a greater volume of work to be addressed in the nascent stages. Gradually, they tend to opt for a meeting cadence of once every two to three weeks. This interval seems to suit the majority of business proprietors, affording them ample opportunity to tackle the tasks we’ve outlined and ensuring they stay on course, motivated, and focused on advancing their venture.

I’ve observed that meeting fortnightly or every three weeks also provides clients the chance to ponder over their business endeavours and forthcoming challenges, allowing them to bring recent business occurrences to our discussions, thereby facilitating a discussion on the most viable path forward.

Is engaging with a business coach monthly sufficient to enact change? Indeed, as long as the interim is utilised to effectuate the requisite alterations within your enterprise. Through my experience in business coaching, I’ve discerned this frequency to be exceptionally conducive for more mature businesses. The monthly meetings enable business owners to view their operations from a detached perspective, recognising emerging issues and the decisions where they require guidance. These sessions tend to be brisk and notably efficacious.

The benefits of monthly meetings with your business coach A significant benefit of monthly consultations is the focused nature of these interactions, whereby I can assist my clients in navigating their business decisions, enabling them to make more rapid, efficient choices. This scheduling works favourably for clients who lack the time or desire for more frequent meetings.

Indeed, I have a client who favours a monthly meeting schedule which has led to him reducing his working week from six days to four and boosting his turnover by 75%. Our meetings are succinct with a defined agenda. He excels at implementing our discussed actions before our subsequent meeting. He requires no persistent reminders or accountability checks. Depending on a client’s operational style, this frequency can be highly effective for some and less so for others.

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